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Choosing the right house building contractor for your house building project is critical.  We at CAS Constructions have the experience and dedication to turn your desires into a successful house building project.  We are committed to working with you during the entire process, regardless of the project size, to complete it on time and on budget. 

Communication, clear goals and professional advice turn your plans into a successful project.  As your house building Contractor, CAS Constructions will make sure that your house building project is a success.

As one of the trusted house builders Srilanka, we represent your interests before, during and after the construction process.  You can rely on the professionals at CAS Constructions to produce the highest quality results. We are here to service your project needs and to support you in every way possible. 



House Builders in SriLanka

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We can build houses on your land anywhere in SriLanka to suit your budget and requirement In timely manner. CASconstructions  as a leading house builder SriLanka celebrates more than 10 years experince of building  remarkable homes and creating a memorable experience for the home owners. The strength of our company is the excellent customer service and the  staff that gives their best to complete the tasks given and exceed the customer expectation.